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When you switch to the EA app you do not have to do anything at all when you have a legal game already.When you download the legal, free, base game, copy the DLC folders (Like EP, GP, SP) from your cracked game to the legal installation folder.Run the EA DLC Unlocker to integrate your cracked expansions into your legal game.

You searched for Cristine В» Socigames | Download Games Crack

Because you do not start your game via the legal folder. The question about on- or offline only occurs when you start a cracked game.To find your legal folder, download this file and run it.It shows you your legal folder, open folder Game, open Bin, double-click TS4_x64. Or make a shortcut of it.

Probably you started a cracked game with a lower version number than your legal game or vice versa.Make sure that your legal and cracked game have the same version number, or simply start your legal game.You can find the folder of your legal game on your computer by downloading this small file and double-clicking it. Open the folder Game -> Bin -> and start the game with TS4_x64 (make shortcut for your desktop) 041b061a72


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