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House Decor Ideas

'There are so many good reasons to look for cozy living room ideas,' says Homes & Gardens' Deputy Editor (Digital) Jen Ebert. 'Whether it's because fall has come around and you feel the need to be in a warm, comforting space indoors, or because you want your home to be a haven from a busy work life, there are many ways to make a house look cozy.

house decor ideas

'The most effective are through room color ideas; introducing a color combinations for rooms of earthy or spice shades, and combining these with natural or touchable textures. In the room above, this includes the wood framing on the wall which complements the coffee table, through the textured wall ideas and ceiling ideas.'

'An entryway is a great space for a seasonal update, perhaps fall decor ideas in September and spring decor ideas in March,' says Sarah Spiteri, Editorial Director, Homes & Gardens. 'For one, it's the room that everyone sees, from family to guests; and secondly, it's an area of your home that gets a fair amount of wear and tear, so it's likely that it will need a new coat of paint a couple of times a year anyway.'

'Happy room ideas are difficult to pin down,' says Sarah Spiteri, 'because what makes one person happy is different to what makes another person happy. However, color experts and wellbeing experts tend to agree that uncluttered spaces that have plenty of natural textures and a touch of yellow are most likely to appeal to the senses of most of us.'

'Ensuring a room has as much light in it as is possible is key to any home decor being successful,' says Jo Bailey, Homes & Gardens' Deputy Editor (Print) and stylist. 'This will of course mean daylight, which will make a room feel warmer, larger and more welcoming. You can boost this by rethinking bulky curtain ideas, decluttering and decorating with light colors.

As we've said before, home decor shouldn't just be about what a house looks like but how it makes you feel, and that's based around how you use it. So, which room does your family love to spend the most time in? The kitchen-diner? The family room? Is it the best it can be? Or could you improve the home decor ideas within it to make it more welcoming, more sociable?

Whichever, the room's seating and layout are vital: sectional living room ideas that gather atop a rug and around a coffee table are just as likely to ensure an inviting, welcoming space as kitchen island seating that allows the cook to be a part of the conversation. The other home decor element to focus on? The room's color: as we have said before, warmer shades are more welcoming and invite you to linger.

'A neutral needs to be paired with other materials to sing: timber and marble work well,' says interior designer and founder of Elicyon (opens in new tab) design agency Charu Gandhi. 'I also love teaming them with suede and woollen rugs. Ceramic, clay and colored glass are great for decorative elements.'

Paneling ideas for walls come in all forms, from original period features to lookalike modern imitations to more imaginative treatments. This living room, by interior designer Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co (opens in new tab), is a fine example of the latter, with faux paneling created with simple, framed wallpaper panels. Note how the sofa sits centrally under a panel, which is the perfect fit for it. This creates a neat, pleasing symmetry in interior design, only heightened by the painting in the central panel.

'One of my favorite home decor ideas is accessorizing a room with flowers. Bringing a sense of the outdoors inside can make a space feel more calming and tranquil. From a small vase of flowers on a bedside table, to a large botanical display in a hallway or for a tablescape idea, using fresh flowers can create an inviting space that enhances feelings of happiness and positivity,' says Homes & Gardens' Content Editor Zara Stacey.

Diane Hill's stunning new collaboration with Harlequin (opens in new tab) is perfect for a feature wall or window dressing. 'We wanted to inspire people to decorate boldly, unapologetically and to their own room,' she says. 'The collection was based on traditional 18th-century designs, but we gave it a modern refresh.'

There are so many alcove ideas you can use to make spaces feel more interesting, from clever shelving units to decor tricks. We love the simplicity of the treatment here, where a shallow alcove with few opportunities for effective storage is instead given a starring role with wallpaper.

Coffee table styling is one of the easiest home decor ideas you can embrace. The key? Not to put too much on a surface. However, even the most formal of living rooms, like this beautiful space by Kit Kemp (opens in new tab), needs to be functional. This means making any coffee table styling impactful, but leaving plenty of space on the table top for you to put everything on it that you need.

Living room feature wall ideas are a regular home decor feature, but the breakfast-diner has yet to pick up on this design technique. However, it is a great way to add interest and layering to a space and to frame a dining table visually.

Of course, rugs in living rooms are de rigueur, but what about as kitchen styling ideas? South Carolina-based interior designer and contributor to Homes & Gardens is a fan of layering kitchen rug ideas over hard surfaces to soften the hard surfaces, improve acoustics and add color and pattern.

Bedroom alcove ideas are a badly-kept home decor secret. Often overlooked they can be useful for storage or for deep bedside tables, but we love when interior designers have fun with them, such as in this bedroom by interior designer Martin Brudnizki.

If space is limited, too limited for space-hogging home decor ideas, there is a way to create impact in a bedroom, and that is with statement headboard ideas. Trick one is to go sculptural, creating an eye-catching shape that will soften the harder angles of doorways and built-in storage. Trick two is to go for height: doing so will make the ceiling feel taller by drawing the eye upwards. Trick three: pick a stand-out fabric.

Flat-fronted doors can lack character, especially in modern homes with little architectural intricacy. However, a simple decorative application with paint can make them instantly more interesting. The key to success will be consistency across an entire story, and keeping the door's design as pared-back as possible.

'We recently designed a bespoke bobbin cornice for our childrens' bedrooms and it just adds a beautiful layer of detailing to the decor, like a trim on a curtain or a sassy belt on an outfit,' says Sarah Spiteri, Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director.

'Stephanie Dunning of Dunning & Everard (opens in new tab) wasn't afraid to create a contemporary feel in a period house with this modern study, and the practical yet sleek and smart storage unit works particularly well here,' says House Editor Vivienne Ayers.

'Bring a sense of grandeur to your bathroom with a scenic statement wall,' says Emma Thomas, Homes & Gardens' decorating editor. 'This wallpaper panel by Pierre Frey echoes the traditional Portuguese azulejo tilework found in the palaces of Sintra, Lisbon and Porto.'

Beautiful powder room wall decor is the easiest way to make these small spaces feel loved and curated. Ensure light fittings and artwork are chosen to complement the intricacy of the wallcovering, and choose them with the same eye for detail as in a living room.

If you have a collection of favorite pieces, gathering them together can make for an impactful home decor ideas. You only have to look at Gwyneth Paltrow's china display to see how effective it can be.

There is a wreath for every season, but hanging one on your door does more than just signal a change in the weather, it shows just how loved and curated your home is, and is a promise of what's beyond the front door. Plus, of course, it's one of the easiest home decor ideas you can indulge in.

Outdoor living room ideas and outdoor dining ideas should be no exception to home decor rules, and while you might not introduce every aspect of interior design to your exterior, there are a number of elements that can work really successfully.

The easiest home decor ideas are all about paint. Using adventurous, subtle or bold paint ideas to pick out accent colors, to tie open-plan spaces together and even to create a color thread from one room to another is a simple technique for boosting your home decor.

Decorating a home on a budget is best done with paint. Paint tricks are, comparably, in expensive but can be seriously transformative. They needn't just be used to paint walls; you can revamp furniture and even flooring with paint. For anyone looking for budget living room makeover ideas, it's worth knowing that even a small detail, such as a painted door frame, can boost your space, with very little spend.

Read on for my predictions for trends in home decor and interior design styles for 2023, including kitchen design trends, furniture, living room decor trends, colors, and a look ahead at the winter and spring 2023 decorating trends.

You might want to interpret this 2023 design style in a modern space via light neutral tones, clean-lined pieces, and sumptuous fabrics like silk, linen, and velvet. Take a look at Architectural Digest or the Restoration Hardware catalog for ideas and inspiration.

Some ideas for adding a touch of black to a space include hanging chic black picture frames in the dining area, adding a black lamp or side table to the living room, or swapping out the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets for black versions.

This home decor trend is all about using pieces in new, interesting and unusual ways. If you have a matching bedroom set, think about moving some of the pieces to the guest room, dining room, or entryway.

This decorating style incorporates a mix of modern coastal style and Nancy Meyers inspired interiors, and its relaxed, elevated outlook makes coastal grandmother style perfect for spring and summer decorating.

Homeowners will continue to turn their outdoor areas and patios into luxurious staycation destinations for spring and summer 2023, with features like outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, pool houses, greenhouses, and raised-bed gardening areas. 041b061a72


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