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Elsword Patch Download Not Working

The tip of the proverbial iceberg has been chipped with F2P side-scrolling hack n' slash title Elsword seeing Part 1 of its Transcendence update go live. Introducing a barrage of new, powerful high-level skills and a 'Hell Mode' dungeon difficulty, the patch sets out to make or break players who think they've mastered the game. Players can get their hands on 3 new skills at Level 70, 80 and 90 yet have to undertake a lengthy 5-part quest chain just to use them in battle. Tying in the with name of the patch comes the 'Transcendence' state - allowing the players' 'Awakened' state to reach new heights of power and scaling up their new-found abilities to suit the new surging boost.Making sure not to leave anyone behind the update also ushers in the Level Jump event, new quests types and fresh 'Equipment Cube' spoils for those playing catch-up. You can take a look at the new combat abilities below. Want the game? It's a free download! Related Games: ElswordAbout Josh BrownJosh is the MMO/JRPG guy with an addiction he won't admit. Soppy manga is his retreat.

Elsword Patch Download Not Working


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