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Do you have communications channels or other tools to help reach Minnesota youth about the Escape the Vape Video Challenge? ACET, Inc. and the Minnesota Department of Health would like to partner with your organization. Contact the Escape the Vape Video Challenge team at

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Escape room games are the most popular type of escape game. This genre took the world by storm in the form of real-life escape rooms where participants had to solve a string of clues and riddles to escape the room before they ran out of time.

There are several virtual escape room games you can now play online here at CrazyGames. Perhaps the most popular of which is Escape or Die by isotronic. This developer has a series of successful games in this genre which also includes Escape or Die 2 and The White Room.

Escape games are often combined with elements of horror. This adds an extra layer of pressure and anxiety to the situation, playing on your fears to throw your ability to think clearly. Check out Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy for a horror-based escape experience!

Escape games involve escaping from a situation using problem-solving skills. The aim is generally simple - escape the room or area. But the puzzles and riddles require quick and logical thinking before time runs out.

Our family had a great time doing both the Jean Lafitte escape room and the virtual serial killer room. Two very different experiences but both were tons of fun. Really enjoyed doing both with my husband and kids.

There are now estimated to be over 50,000 escape rooms worldwide and the UK has seen the market grow rapidly over the past 5 years.2 Escape room games are becoming embedded in society, from widespread popularity for small group entertainment to use in the home, for example via Amazon Alexa software.

Medical escape rooms provide the perfect opportunity to deliver teaching of knowledge, skills and behaviours in a gamified context. They provide educational opportunities that emphasise collaborative learning, with activities that require teamwork and clear goals, and have a built-in opportunity for rapid feedback.

One answer lies in ease of use for a variety of learning needs. As with the case studies featured in this article, the escape room can be a flexible tool for the educationalist, used for a multitude of purposes, from team building (case study 1) to tools for evaluation of educational practice (case study 2).

Finally, stepping back from the activities involved in the escape room, one could consider its place in curricular delivery. Traditional scholarly academic curricula are content-focused and essentially ignore personal development. Medical schools have begun to move to more learner-centred models, which in recent years have been built on self-directed learning and the flipped classroom. Escape rooms have been described as an example of the recent proliferation of such learner-centred activities.3

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The intrigue revolves around a classified 1983 CIA report on a technique called the Gateway Experience, which is a training system designed to focus brainwave output to alter consciousness and ultimately escape the restrictions of time and space. The CIA was interested in all sorts of psychic research at the time, including the theory and applications of remote viewing, which is when someone views real events with only the power of their mind. The documents have since been declassified and are available to view.

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