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[TW] Dragon Masters

5e3wGalleryWaterdeepGeography[1][2][3][4]AliasesCity of Splendors Crown of the NorthRegionSword Coast North, northwest FaerûnSocietyDemonymWaterdhavian,[5]Waterdavian[6]Races Humans 64% Dwarves 10% Elves 10% Halflings 5% Half-elves 5% Gnomes 3% Half-orcs 2% Others 1% ReligionsDeneir, Mystra, Oghma, TempusAlignments LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE Commerce[2][7][8]ImportsGrain, livestock, leather, ore, timber, and exotic goods from other landsExportsAle, arms, cloth, fish, furnishings, leather goods, pottery, refined metals, and all other sorts of finished goodsCurrency1pp= 1 sun = 10 gold dragons = 20 electrum sambar = 100 silver shards = 1000 copper nibsPoliticsGov't typeOligarchical city-stateOpen LordLaeral SilverhandLegislativeThe Lords of WaterdeepJudicialThe Magisters of WaterdeepHistory[2][10]1032 DRAhghairon's coup1246 DRKerrigan's rebellion1256-1262 DRGuildwarsPreceded byNimoar's HoldPopulation1,347,680[1][note 1] in 1372 DRup to 2,000,000[9][note 2] in the 15th century DRInhabitants of WaterdeepLocations in WaterdeepOrganizations in WaterdeepSettlements in WaterdeepRoads in WaterdeepMountains in WaterdeepBodies of water in WaterdeepForests in WaterdeepEvents in WaterdeepFood and drink from WaterdeepItems from Waterdeep

[TW] Dragon Masters

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In the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR[note 3], a number of agents and organizations including the shady Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, the greedy Zhentarim, the enigmatic Harpers, and even the stalwart Lords' Alliance sought to recover a cache of 500,000 gold dragons that was hidden somewhere within the city, a sum that was embezzled by the ousted former Open Lord of the city, Dagult Neverember.[82] 041b061a72


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