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Multi Link To Controller Fl Studio

In the walkthrough above, we used the function "Override generic links..." at Step 4. This made sure the mapping will also work in any new FL studio project that you create. However, using such globals links has the disadvantage that the movements on Touché (SE) will only come through to Lié as long as Lié is 'focused'. Focusing is the act of clicking on the window/plugin with your mouse to bring it to the foreground of your project.

multi link to controller fl studio

Download File:

If you need Lié to react to your movements on Touché at any time, even when its window isn't focused, you will need to set up a link on project level instead. For this, follow the steps in the last section, but when at Step 4, choose "Link to controller..." instead of "Override generic links...". Please be aware that this procedure needs to be done for every project separately.

Now we can configure the MIDI controllers and the channels in FL Studio so that each channel is controlled by a seperate controller. When multiple channels in the step sequencer are selected, the MIDI channel that each note is sent on determines which channel (each instrument in FL Studio, like the 3xOSC and FPC, is called a 'channel', it's confusing) it controls, from the ones that are selected. So, when 16 channels in FL Studio are selected, the first channel responds to MIDI notes sent on MIDI channel 1, the second on channel 2 and so on. 350c69d7ab


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