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Blq Socotec 2012 ##TOP##

pat raverty, president of socotec, concludes: the reforamation is now complete and we are very proud of it. the call on the future of the company and its activities is very strong. with socotec as a brand, we are confident in the future of our actions and our employees. we will make the most of the support given by the bank of ireland, which has decided to help us with our capital raise for this year and a very flexible position in terms of the duration of the financing. we look forward to meeting all the issues related to the work of development of the company in the coming years.

blq socotec 2012

i would like to thank you for your interest in the socotec business, and to emphasize the profound confidence that this investment represents for the group and the guarantees provided by bank of ireland which will support the socotec group for a long time, added mr. raverty.

i would like to end by reminding you that the swiss certification body, swiss agency for quality and competence in construction (saqc), is also interested in buying socotec for the international scs market, and has expressed to us its interest in accessing it for the saqc and mecka certifications since it already has a working relationship in this regard with the european union (eu). we will continue to monitor the situation of the european market. saqc is a leading certification body and a recognized leader in the world. it has an impressive history of trust and the combination of social responsibility, legal compliance, continuous improvement and the highest quality standards.

this combination of best practices from a professional perspective, alongside a high level of customer satisfaction, which are the priorities of the society, provides the perfect set of attributes that are at the heart of the socotec brand.


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