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Old Malwarebytes For Mac Softonic

Softonic appears to act as a portal for spreading unsolicited software (presumed malware). For example, for Mac users, attempts to install certain software (e.g. [1]) installs non-working applications but in addition covertly install "softonic toolbar" for Safari web browser, fully blocking the work of the browser. On attempting to remove the toolbar, it prompts for administrative password, and if the user refuses renders the browser inoperable. If all the files related to "softonic" are removed and Safari is reinstalled, the "non-existing" toolbar magically reappears!

Old Malwarebytes For Mac Softonic

Aint no ridiculous accusations here. The size and strength of their marketing does not in any way what so ever imply legitimacy - and besides referring to their size, you have provided nothing in defence of softonic.

""Softonic has been criticized by software authors for offering tiered download speeds, with the lowest speed being free, while higher speeds requiring a payment.".This is not what sources criticized softonic for. This source criticizes Softonic for ambiguous phrasing:

None of the sources criticize softonic for 'offering tiered download speeds'. In fact, softonic is not offering tiered download speeds. The 'free option' is a direct download from publisher's website (not 'lowest speed') - obviously, if publisher's own site has faster link than Softonic, this download will be the fastest. The 'fast' and 'deluxe' downloads are both 'limited by your internet connection, but in latter being supposedly more 'virus free', having 'premium' download support, being able to download like this for 3 more months, and so on.

as you can see from the question in this folder there many entries like this:""from malwarebytes scan yesterday and today:PUP.Optional.YSearchTab, C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tjzhwa81.default-1506294362537-1523219308478.old\storage\default\\idb\301792106ttes.sqlite, Quarantined, [1980], [395234],1.0.4906PUP.Optional.YSearchTab, C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tjzhwa81.default-1506294362537-1523219308478.old\storage\default\\.metadata, Quarantined, [1980], [395234],1.0.4906PUP.Optional.YSearchTab, C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tjzhwa81.default-1506294362537-1523219308478.old\storage\default\\.metadata-v2, Quarantined, [1980], [395234],1.0.4906 350c69d7ab


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