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Office Christmas Party

Josh Parker, Chief Technology Officer of Zenotek in Chicago, finalizes his divorce and goes to work. The interim CEO Carol Vanstone arrives to notify Josh and branch manager, Clay Vanstone that the company has failed to meet its new quarterly quota. She threatens to lay off 40% of their employees, cut bonuses, and cancel the annual Christmas party. Carol and Clay are siblings having recently lost their father, the former CEO. Clay is desperate to keep his staff and to pay out employee bonuses however, Carol resenting Clay as their father's favorite, threatens to shut down the branch.

Office Christmas Party

Josh, Clay, and Tracey Hughes, Chief of Research and Development, inform Carol that they have a meeting with financial giant Walter Davis later in the day, and will attempt to acquire a $14 million contract with Walter's company, Data City. Carol says that if they can land that contract, she will agree not to make cuts at the company. At the meeting, Walter says he likes Zenotek's product, but has concerns about its corporate culture treats its employees. Clay invites him to the Christmas party, hoping to show him their company has a healthy employee environment. On the way to the airport Carol stops by Josh's apartment to offer him a position working for her at the New York headquarters at twice his current salary.

Clay funds an exorbitant Christmas party, vexing Mary, head of Human Resources. The party struggles to pick up even with Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler present. However, when cocaine belonging to a Savannah, a prostitute hired by Nate to pose as his girlfriend to impress his subordinates is mistakenly placed in a snow-blowing machine, employees are doused with the substance, as is Walter, leading them to become more rowdyresulting in nudity, orgies in the restroom, and damage to the company's property. Clay's assistant and single mom Allison unsuccessfully tries to start a romance with Fred. Jeremy dances uninhibitedly with Mary, whom he previously despised. As Clay wins over Walter, Josh and Tracey nearly kiss on the roof.

Carol's flight is cancelled due to weather, and she rushes back when she learns about the party. After Walter is hospitalzied attempting to swing off a balcony, Josh and the others learn that Walter was fired from his firm earlier, upon which Carol decides to immediately shut down the branch.

Hearing the branch is being terminated instigates a riot, resulting in more property damage. Josh authorizes security guard Carla to shut down the party. Clay races Trina's car towards an opening drawbridge, attempting to jump the gap, a feat he'd earlier mentioned to Josh. Driving Mary's minivan alongside him, Josh tries to convince Clay not to jump, but the despondent Clay still wants to jump, dead or alive. Carol takes the wheel, and runs Clay's car into an internet hub, disconnecting the entire city.

Trina and Savannah are arrested, while Clay is taken to the hospital. The internet blackout inspires Tracey to implement an innovation combining internet Wi-Fi with wire connections through the power grid, which had previously failed. They race back to the destroyed office to set up her tech, which successfully restores Internet access to the city, saving the branch.

Clay apologizes to Carol for how his father treated her. Walter, in the same hospital, agrees to join the team. Josh and Tracey kiss amidst the ruins of the office. Jeremy opens up to Mary, and Nate and Allison agree to go on a date. Everyone meets Carol and Clay at the hospital, and they all go out for breakfast, driving recklessly on the way.

In 2010, Guymon Casady approached Will Speck and Josh Gordon with an original idea of his, to make a movie about a holiday office party. They subsequently set the concept up at DreamWorks Pictures, and it was later rewritten by Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky, and Laura Solon.[5] On February 19, 2016, it was announced that Speck and Gordon would also direct the film to be distributed by Paramount Pictures, which would star Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, and Kate McKinnon.[5][6] On March 8, 2016, Randall Park joined the film,[7] and Olivia Munn was cast on March 17.[8] On April 4, 2016, Abbey Lee Kershaw joined the cast.[9] Karan Soni, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, and Jamie Chung were added on April 5, 2016,[10] and on April 6, 2016, Rob Corddry, Andrew Leeds, and Oliver Cooper were cast as well.[11]

These tips are similar to virtual holiday party ideas for work, hybrid Christmas activities, and office party ideas, and are an example of holiday team building. These events often include holiday party themes and corporate party entertainment.

If you are a remote or hybrid office, then you can book a fully hosted Christmas party with us. Our expert hosts will guide you and your coworkers through a series of fun holiday themed games and activities. The event takes place on Zoom, and we also have event types for Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other platforms.

Gingerbread Wars if a fun event for office Christmas parties. The experience is 90 minutes, and includes fun, holiday-themed games and activities led by a professional host. Plus, we include gingerbread decorating kits for the competition!

For in-person Gingerbread Wars, our host can come to your office or event venue, and bring gingerbread house kits. For virtual events, we ship gingerbread people kits to your participants in advance. Either way, your team is going to have a merry good time!

Pre-party, portion the sweets into the festive plates and jars and place holiday decorations such as wreaths and garlands in between. Guests can help themselves to sweets throughout the evening, and can even take home leftovers.

You can throw a pet-friendly party that puts kitty and canine companions front and center. We recommend throwing a separate party for cats and dogs, or choosing the pet option that most folks have. Be sure that all pets are properly vaccinated and play well with others. To avoid possible scuffles, you can also schedule appointments for the pets to come and enjoy the festivities.

Murder mysteries are one of the best small office christmas party ideas. Although these activities may seem more suited for Halloween parties, the mischievous fun of sleuthing games can help teammates alleviate holiday-related stress and can be a welcome alternative to endless holiday cheer.

Christmas Around the World is one of the best themes for office Christmas parties. This party theme highlights the ways different cultures celebrate the holiday and expands employees perspectives in the process.

To host an international-themed Christmas party, first research celebrations in different nations. Keep in mind that all homages should be culturally sensitive and authentic and not stereotypical or offensive.

Setting up an ugly sweater station is one of the most fun office Christmas party ideas. On the holiday party invitations, encourage employees to come dressed in a plain sweater or T-shirt. Then, provide embellishments such as felt shapes, string lights, bows, and ornaments. If you have an extra crafty crew that does not mind permanently altering their duds, then you can even lay out fabric or paint markets.

Setting up a gift wrapping table is one of the more unique corporate Christmas party ideas. Your employees are busy, and handling present-wrapping crosses off one item on a seemingly endless holiday to-do list. By providing gift wrapping services, you can save your staff time and stress.

You can book a professional wrapper, or recruit an acquaintance that packages presents nicely. However, do not assign or ask employees to volunteer for the gift wrap table, as staff should be free to enjoy their own party.

Christmas Carnivals are one of the most interactive office Christmas party ideas, and are especially fun if kids are in attendance at the event. First, set up Christmas-themed game booths. For example, throwing snowballs to knock over milk jugs, wreath ring toss, and tossing darts at balloon Christmas ornaments. Be sure to offer festive prizes such as giant candy canes, stuffed reindeer, and bedazzled Santa hats.

When this segment of the event begins, participants don the headphones and dance to different songs. To outside observers, the room is completely silent, however participants groove to their favorite holiday tunes. This approach means that no guest has to endure a Christmas carol they simply cannot stand to hear one more time this year. Plus, this exercise works well as a midday dance party to relieve stress.

Corporate holiday parties tend to have awesome dessert options. To take your Christmas party to the next level, instead of merely putting out a great spread of sweets, show guests how to create delightful desserts.

At the party, give attendees a piece of paper and let them know how many snow folk exist in total. We recommend hiding at least one dozen. Participants can jot down the locations of the snowmen as they spot them. Upon finding all hidden shapes, players can exchange the paper for a prize.

Holiday movies are a standalone film genre. Screening movies at the party is a low-key activity that is social but not too high-pressure, which makes an ideal environment for more introverted staff. Not to mention, holiday films can bring about a sense of nostalgia and aid in team bonding.

Other folks have co-opted this exercise and posted pictures of the elf in hilarious positions. In this same vein, you and your teammates can do this game as an office activity. At the party, split the group into teams, and give each team an elf. Then, send the teams off into the building to stage a work-themed photo shoot with the elf. Participants may snap photos of the elf photocopying its face, intimidating the work mascot plush with a stapler, or stealing lunches from the office fridge, for example. It is a good idea to show a few examples to help spark creative juices.

Seasonal Scavenger Hunts are interactive holiday party games. Attendees split into teams and race to complete tasks and retrieve objects from a list of clues. You can also include puzzles and riddles for participants to solve. These games work best on a time limit, typically between twenty-minutes to an hour, depending on the length and difficulty of the hunt. 041b061a72


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