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[S2E14] Five Alive _HOT_

Of course, the stupidity epidemic wasn't limited to delaying a blood drive. Not only did it take five minutes for Choi to come up the idea to manually ventilate his patient (no thanks to Rhodes), but it never did occur to him (or April) that maybe somebody else could squeeze that ambu bag.

[S2E14] Five Alive


Susan's children, Gracie (Danielle Campbell) and Zach (Quinn Wermeling) arrive at home. Blissfully unaware of T-Bag's true nature, they run to embrace him. Using Susan's story that he quickly took a job at an offshore oil rig, T-Bag told everyone that he lost his hand at the oil rig due to an accident, but his lawyers successfully sued them for five million dollars (one million dollars for "each finger"). He tells the Hollander family he can do whatever he wants now, and would like to do nothing more than to be with them.

During mealtime, Bellick fulfills his agreement by giving Banks a chocolate brownie. Banks reneges on the deal by saying now he must now get five desserts, one for him, and four for his gang of inmates. Bellick replies that he has candy in his pocket; he brandishes a shlock (a sock filled with batteries, used in prison fights) and bludgeons Banks repeatedly. He walks away while sirens blare loudly.

Agent Alexander Mahone is in an Albuquerque hospital bed, recovering from a gunshot wound he received from traitorous agent Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein). The moment he wakes up, the agent that killed Veronica and appeared in Sara's apartment gives Mahone a mobile telephone. He slowly reaches for it, holds it to his ear, and hears the voice of Agent Kim. Kim tells Mahone that Kellerman informed him that the escaped brothers had shot him, but that he managed to kill both of them shortly afterward; he replies with sardonic laughter that Kellerman is lying; he was the one that shot him, and that the brothers are most likely still alive.

Kellerman further informs the brothers that Steadman is just a John Doe; his fingerprints were burned off, his teeth were removed, and he even had plastic surgery to alter key physical features. It would be imperative to keep Steadman alive, so he could talk. Steadman takes the time to ridicule Kellerman by calling him the "Serf that would be King", alleging that Kellerman had proposed marriage to his sister Caroline Reynolds several years ago.

Jo frantically tries Dean's cell, before finding him wounded but alive. She fixes him up, taking the bullet out of his shoulder. Jo quietly asks if demons ever tell the truth, to which Dean replies that they can occasionally if they know it will get to a person, but Jo refuses to reveal anything more than that. She offers to help, but Dean forbids her to follow.

Bellamy hears the Mount Weather Guards banging on the door to the Acid Fog room as they try to get in and he takes off running back toward the air duct he originally climbed through. Garza and five other guards chase after Bellamy and he hides behind one of the flammable oxygen tanks before making a run for the air duct as the Mount Weather Guards shoot at him. Once he is in the air duct, he shoots behind himself at the guards.

Bellamy runs out of bullets and scurries through the air duct as Emerson begins a countdown on the Acid Fog deployment. One of the guards goes after Bellamy in the air ducts while another guard checks the tanks in the Acid Fog room. When Emerson counts down to one, Cage says, "we're go for Veil." The Acid Fog machine starts to fire up just as one of the guards spots the lit acetylene torch next to the flammable oxygen tank. A massive explosion takes place, blowing out everyone and everything in the Acid Fog room and traveling through the air ducts. It takes out the guard that had followed Bellamy and the force of the explosion reaches Bellamy just as he gets to a ventilation shaft, pushing him out before the fire reaches him. Bellamy smiles with relief that he is still alive.

"announces to everyone that it's time to limbo. This proves to be too much for Steve, who springs up from the couch and heads toward the door to make a break for it. His swift action starts a chain reaction among the rest of the gang as they all move toward the nearest exit."I think it's really rude of everyone to leave the party! Especially when they are not even going to say goodbye. Where is everyone's manners? "The gun suddenly goes off...David dramatically covers his ears, and seconds later he's staring over at Scott's fatally wounded body in horror."Yeah back then when Scotty accidentally shoots himself and dies, I was in shock! I didn't think that was going to happen. What a sad storyline. :( ".I have never been so tired of one girl's relentlessly lingering crush on a guy who couldn't make it more clear that he's not into her."HA! For someone who isn't into her, he sometimes acts like he IS into her! So I don't blame Andrea for keeping the crush. He keeps leading her on."DJ booth. David isn't in the mood to give Brandon an interview, and he's snide about the memorial insert. For some reason the microphone inside the booth is on, which means that everyone in the school is able to hear their conversation. When Brandon points this out, David says he doesn't care."Yeah who cares if people are watching and listening! David has been holding in how he feels about Scott's death since it happened! That's not healthy, so he really needed to vent and get it all out. " it doesn't matter what he writes in the school paper, or what anyone says about someone when they're gone. What matters most is how you treat them while they're still alive. Sniff...watching that scene always makes me very verklemt."Yeah David! You tell him!!! I just want to hug him! :( Great scene!!

Barry recognizes the morse code from the other captive but Jesse says there is no pattern. He tells Jesse that her father says the only person smarter that him is Jesse. Earth-1 barry is able to get Jesse on his side and they begin to realize that the prisoner never goes past five knocks.

Jay is racing through the city to meet Geomancer and saves everyone from the building that was collapsing. However, he doesn't get to face off with Geomancer, he got pretty tired and came back to the lab. Jay says he felt fine and it looks like Velocity-9 is a hit. Iris tells him she has everything she needs. Meanwhile, in the lair on Earth-2 Barry finds out that the other prisoner is trying to figure out if Jay Garrick is alive or not.

While his father had been around, Tobias had been addicted to the drug Dilaudid and would cut it with an unspecified psychedelic drug. He later went to Narcotics Anonymous and, with the help of his sponsor, became clean. This substance abuse, combined with the moral dilemma of killing his father, caused Tobias' mind to fracture and split into three different personalities: his own, his father's as a way to keep him alive, and that of Raphael, a ruthless Archangel hellbent on doing God's will. At some point, he got a job as tech support and would use his job to gain entry to the webcams of potential victims. In November of 2006, he made a false 911 call about a prowler breaking into the home of the Kyles (who would later become his future victims) to find out how long it would take for the police to respond. A month later, his dogs attacked one of his neighbors, but the man decided to not press charges since he knew Tobias well.

After Tobias injects Reid with more Dilaudid, he has a flashback about him sending his mother to the asylum, causing him to unconsciously repeat the dialogue spoken. Tobias, as Charles, overhears and tells him that he has dishonored his mother and broken one of Moses' commands, Exodus 21:17, "And he that curseth his father or his mother shall surely be put to death". Tobias then drags Reid to a cemetery and forces him to dig his own grave, but is distracted by the arrival of the BAU, who realized where Tobias is keeping Reid due to the aforementioned tip-off. Realizing that they are there, Reid pretends to be too weak to keep digging the grave. Tobias becomes frustrated, causing the Charles personality to take over again and snatch the shovel away from Reid, calling him weak. Then, when Charles is distracted, Reid grabs his gun. The Charles personality, who apparently doesn't know that the three personalities are not separate people, tells Reid that he cannot shoot all of them because there is only one bullet in the gun he is holding (it is also possible that he knew that the bullet was in a random chamber). However, Reid, knowing the error of that statement, pulls the trigger. The personalities of Charles and Raphael are "killed" instantly, while Tobias is still alive, thanking Reid for killing them and hoping that he will be reunited with his dead mother. Reid apologizes to him for what has happened seconds before Tobias dies, ending his sad and tortured life. Just before leaving, Reid takes with him Tobias' Dilaudid.

His second signature was leaving pages from religious books, such as Revelations and Isaiah, with a highlighted passage relating to the perceived sins committed by the victims, after killing them. When he killed the handyman who was sleeping with Helen Douglas, he only slashed his throat and no other parts of his body. As for Helen Douglas, he abducted her from her home, took her to the barn on his property, restrained and gagged her with duct tape, and fed her to three dogs as a reference to the scriptural account of Jezebel, "The Whore of Baal".[1] The Raphael and Charles personalities tortured Reid through various methods, such as beating him and playing Russian Roulette using a Smith & Wesson Military & Police Model revolver, while he was restrained to a chair, and would later attempt to kill him by burying him alive, while the Tobias personality would drug him with Dilaudid out of remorse. In the case of his first victim, his father, Tobias shot him in the head, presumably with the same revolver, and left his body inside a walk-in freezer, making him the only victim whose body was hidden and whose murder was not recorded. 041b061a72


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