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[S5E22] Where The Heart Is

That's why it breaks my heart into a million pieces that they won't have Corey with them anymore. Unlike Eliza, Corey was proof that the series could introduce a new character for these last three installments and make us fall in love with them as if we had known them the whole time.

[S5E22] Where the Heart Is

An extended version of the scene where Henry and Violet are reunited, with a few additional lines, which were cut due to time constraints. After Violet offers her condolences about Robin Hood, she adds that she knew that Robin and Regina had a relationship, and says, "I'm just so sorry". After Henry thanks her, he says that he wish he knew how to make his mother feel better. Violet is sure that Henry will find a way. At the end of the scene, Henry tells Violet that his mother needs him. Violet understands, and tells Henry to go to her.[4]

Coulson opens the cargo bay door, takes one last look at the team, puts on his aviator sunglasses, and walks out onto the white sandy beach of Tahiti, where May is waiting for him. Kinda weird that no one said goodbye to her. Still some tension over the odium thing?

Emily and Aria are waiting outside, where Aria is practically peeing herself in anticipation of seeing Ezra. The awkwardness is thankfully short lived because they decide to follow Nealon after he gets in his car and drives away. They not-so-subtly follow him to a private property where he slips through a giant gated fence. The fence is closing, but just at this moment Andrew texts Aria about their test and Ezra sees it pop up on her phone. The distraction is enough for them to miss getting through fence.

Back in Mystic Falls, Liz (Marguerite MacIntyre) helps to evacuate the town while Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) is observing. He explains that he is not afraid of Damon or Stefan coming to save the town, simply because they cannot cross the line where the spell starts. To prove his point, he uses Julian (Tyler) (Michael Trevino), to show her what will happen to any supernatural creature if they try to enter the town. They push Julian into the spell's limits and he first loses his werewolf nature, then the vampire one and returns to the last state he was as human, dead from the broken neck that Klaus gave him. Tyler's spirit appears to Bonnie and passes through her to the Other Side, not before she tells him that they can bring him back.

Damon explains that for his plan to bring everybody's loved ones back, they will have to kill many travelers so they can pass through Bonnie and their friends can pass through her to come back, like Markos did. Liz will have to gather all the travelers at one place. Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) will cause a gas leak, head out of the town and then somehow they will explode the place where the travelers are gathered. At the same time, Liv will start the resurrection spell. Jeremy worries about what will happen to Bonnie when everything is in motion, but Bonnie reassures him that everything will be fine.

Damon tells Elena the last part of the plan where someone has to trigger the explosion and that it will be him. Elena tries to talk him out of it because it is a suicide mission, but Damon asks her to respect his choice and promises that he will be back with the others from the Other Side.

At 7pm, Liv starts chanting the spell while her brother watches from the Other Side, encouraging her. Liz is still at the Grill with Markos, who does not let her go. Knowing that she has to leave so the plan can be completed, she pretends to smell gas and she leads Markos to the storage room to investigate. When he turns his back to her to check where the leak comes from, she hits him and messages Damon to start. Markos gets up and stops her before she leaves.

Damon is right outside the city limits where the spell starts when he receives Liz's text. He gets into the car to drive to the city, when Elena joins him and tells him that she will go with him. Damon tries to talk her out of it, but Elena has made her choice and she asks him to respect it as she respected his. They take off and they manage to crash into the Grill while they are still vampires and the building explodes. Dozens of travelers approach Bonnie to pass through her to the other side, including Markos.

Elena and Damon find Bonnie, who tells them to pass through her to the Other Side, find their bodies and come back as fast as they can. Elena finds her body, in addition to Alaric, who warns her to rush back to Bonnie because her brother needs her, and he will find Damon. Damon tries to help a trapped Liz at The Grill, where Alaric finds him and helps. The others, Stefan, Tyler, Enzo and Lexi, start to gather next to Bonnie ready to get out of the Other Side.

Meanwhile, Liv keeps chanting and Luke notices that the spell is too much for her and is hurting her. He rushes to Bonnie where everyone is gathered and tells her that they have to do it now because Liv is in danger. Stefan says that not everyone is still there but Luke touches Bonnie and passes through. He runs to Liv and asks her to stop the spell but she says that she promised to help them, so she continues.

Damon and Alaric arrive and Alaric goes through first. Damon asks where Elena is and Bonnie assures him she is safe. At the same time, Luke cannot let his sister die and he chants a spell making her stop. Damon tries to pass through Bonnie after the spell has stopped so it no longer works, leaving him trapped in the Other Side. Elena tries desperately to find Liv so she can start the spell again, but Bonnie tells her that it is too late and Elena collapses. Damon is watching and Bonnie leaves them alone to say their goodbyes.

Matt Richenthal of TV Fanatic rated the episode with 4.6/5 focusing his review on Damon's death. "A truly shocking and emotional hour of television, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 concluded with an absolute stunner. A heartbreaking loss. A goodbye for which viewers were not prepared." Richenthal states that he is not "buying" Damon's death but he writes: "Killing off Damon may be exactly what The Vampire Diaries needs. It certainly has fans talking now. It will have them tuning in this fall. It's silly to get angry at a show for axing a character you liked; that person is fictional, he or she is there to serve a story and it may be in the best interests of that story for the person to die. But it is not silly to get angry at a show for playing with your emotions. For constantly faking you out when it comes to death, something TVD has been guilty over for awhile now. Death has to mean something."[6]

Sam wonders how they can declare the baby braindead, as the baby will have a rudimentary brainstem. Addison says the baby will never gain consciousness. Jake refers to the baby as it. Sam says it's not an it, because the baby has a life. It's he. They have to kill him to kill the organs. Jake needs Sam's help to harvest the heart and the lungs. Sam angrily gets up and leaves. Addison wants to help, but doesn't know how. Amelia doesn't want them to call her family. Jake says Addison can get Sam to help them.

Addison leaves the room and finds Sam outside. He's waiting for Charlotte. He's agreed to Amelia's request. Charlotte comes over. They didn't sign off, but she decides they're going to do it anyway. They all enter Amelia's room, where Amelia introduces them to her son. The baby goes into respiratory distress. Amelia is not ready to say goodbye. Jake says it's okay to change her mind. If not, they need to give him to the transplant team right now. Amelia tells her baby that his father, Ryan, is waiting for him. She kisses her baby goodbye, and hands him to Addison. While she takes him out, Jake comforts Amelia.

In the OR, they're removing the baby's abdominal organs one by one, while saying the destinations. Sam and Addison switch places and they start removing his thoracic organs. The monitor starts beeping, and Sam asks to turn it off. The heart is the last organ to leave. Jake and Addison leave to go tell Amelia, while Sam stays behind to close. He wipes blood off the baby's face and thanks him.

After the slide show, The Doctor activates holoprogram Paris 3, Chez Sandríne. Seven and The Doctor act out a series of scripted romantic encounters, until Seven is ready for a more realistic encounter. She approaches the holographic character Steven Price. They engage in vague small talk. As The Doctor observes, Paris enters the holodeck. They talk about Seven's prospects and end up making a wager on whether or not she will be able to bring a date to the reception in honor of the Kadi and leave with the same date on good terms without causing a diplomatic incident. If Paris wins the bet, he does not have to work in Sick Bay for a month, whereas if The Doctor wins, Paris will work double shifts.

When Chapman asks if she would like to dance with him, she says that dancing is covered in lesson 35 and she has not learned how yet. He persuades her by saying he's not much of a dancer either. At first she is very tense and claims that her chronographic sequencer keeps her synchronous with the music. He asks her to relax, and they begin to dance better. Until Seven observes a holographic couple's woman twirl. She attempts this maneuver, but in the process tears one of Chapman's shoulder ligaments. The Doctor rushes over and sends him to Sick Bay where Paris will treat him.

The Doctor enters astrometrics, where Seven is working. He asks her to accompany him to the reception as his date. In the Mess Hall, Tomin is laughing hysterically at Paris's jokes. Neelix is still trying to get him to drink coffee and calm down. While going to find more coffee he runs into Commander Chakotay who demands to know why the Tomin is drunk at his own reception. Neelix is afraid because the Captain will be returning the next day and, despite everything he did to try and keep him happy Tomin has now ended up out of control.

In sickbay, The Doctor examines Tomin and reports that the Kadi do not have certain enzymes that would render synthehol harmless. They devise a plan whereby Seven's nanoprobes would be encoded to replace the missing enzymes. When Seven of Nine and The Doctor are alone, he apologizes and tells her that he asked her to the reception because he enjoys her company. He tells her that they have become good friends in the past few days. She agrees with him. When Seven goes to work in another part of sickbay, The Doctor asks Paris how one should proceed when they have developed romantic feelings. Tom is in favor of the direct approach, tell the person how you feel. 041b061a72


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