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Glance Plus Apk Mod Unlock All

How to use this app:1. Open Glance Plus, start service (press green start button)2. Wave hand over proximity sensor 2 times OR just take out your phone from pocket 3. To weak up your phone, double click or long press on screen4. To turn off glance screen just press power button

Glance Plus Apk Mod Unlock All

https:\/\/\/developer\/connect-iq\/f\/showcase\/279043\/watchface-glancev 3.0 (2022-10-20)Added MARQ 2 and Venu SQ 2 watchesAdded a metric \"Day of the week (separate from DATE field)\"Adjusted Sunrise\/Sunset to show next eventv2.9 (2022-09-25)NEW FONTS! I created a set of my own Mobile Driveway fonts. They look similar to Garmin stock fonts, but you can choose weight options which now includes OUTLINE!Version 2.8 - 2022-09-11:Added Dew Point metricVersion 2.7 - 2022-08-22:Added 9 more colors. Some of them might look the same with existing colors on non-AMOLED screens.Tweaked Notifications Box design to be self-explanatory.Tweaked gradient graphics.Added 7 days trial period.Removed TIME vertical position setting (for stock fonts) - now it is centered automatically based on the watch model. Please contact me if you see an issue on your watch.Version 2.6 - 02\/06\/2022Added FR255 and FR955 watchesVersion 2.5 - 30\/05\/2022Minor Moon arc bar fixVersion 2.4 - 27\/05\/2022Added \"Gradient under TIME color\" option for high memory watches. It gives some nice effects - give it a try!Version 2.3 - 17\/05\/2022Very exciting update, so many new features!- Stock font is back on Glance Pro, and I must agree, it looks great on the newer watches! On older watches TIME with stock font is not centered properly, so there is a now a setting to adjust the position.- Added 5 new \"Light\" colors to Glance Pro. Colors are coming from stock Epix 2 faces and they look gorgeous on AMOLED screens. For MIP screens they are a nice addition too.- Redesigned graphics for Arc Bars. I think the bars are way more intuitive now, and look better too!- AOD enhancements for AMOLED screens. Now there are 4 diffrent modes from time only to FULL screen AOD. Also 2 separate options for Burn-in protection \/ brightness.- Added Battery in Days metric. It can be Zero on many watches due to a Garmin bug. Requires System 5 firmware.- Line thickness setting is back (as requested by a few users).Version 2.1 - 22\/04\/2022- Rewrote Moon phase and Illumination calculation algorithm. It is way more complex now and unique in IQ store. Values updated every hour (not day as before).- Added Moon phase and Illumination % metric. See details in the FAQ on Apc Bars (Moon bar section)- Added trend indicator in Pressure metric (visible only when the pressure is changing). Trend is defined as changing 1hPa or more compared to value 3 hours ago.- Added Raw Ambient Pressure metric (people who requested it know what it is for :) )- Set Open Weather Map as weather provider automatically if Garmin Weather is not supported by the watchVersion 2.0 - 11\/04\/2022Added extra Bar types:- Body Battery Bar- Stress Level Bar- Solar Charging Intensity BarVersion 1.91 - 03\/04\/2022Removed settings grouping - it seems Garmin implementation has a bug in it.Version 1.9 - 02\/04\/2022Added settings groupingAdded D2 Mach 1 watchVersion 1.8 - 26\/03\/2022Improved reliability of getting Body Battery and Stress Level metrics. It is much less likely to see \"-\" in these metrics now.Version 1.7 - 24\/03\/2022Added support for the new System 5 metrics (see FAQ above for limitations):Body BatteryStress LevelRespiration RateTime to RecoveryAdded Custom text metricVersion 1.5 - 24\/02\/2022Added option for a separate MINUTES font weightEnhanced OWM diagnostics metricVersion 1.4 - 22\/02\/2022Added 15min refresh rate for Open WeatherAdded OWM diagnostics metric (to investigate cases when OWM doesn't refresh)Added support for D2 Air X10 watchVersion 1.3 - 18\/01\/2022Added Fenix 7 and Epix 2Version 1.2 - 15\/01\/2022- Fixed distance not switching to miles after previous update- Tweaked time and icons fonts"; var appWhatsNewMoreLabel = "More"; If you have questions or suggestions, please use this thread on Garmin forum (use your Garmin email ID to login): -iq/f/showcase/279043/watchface-glancev 3.0 (2022-10-20)Added MARQ 2 and Venu SQ 2 watchesAdded a metric "Day of the week (separate from DATE field)"Adjusted Sunrise/Sunset to show next event

The Orbit button lets you leave Earth behind, and orbit the Sun, other Solar System objects, and even nearby stars. Please Note: this feature is only available in SkySafari Plus and Pro! In the basic version of SkySafari for iOS, you can unlock the Orbit feature with a one-time in-app purchase.

The location database in SkySafari's basic version includes every city worldwide with more than 100,000 inhabitants - a total of over 4,000 cities. In SkySafari Plus and Pro, the location database includes all cities with more than 10,000 people, plus more than 500 observatories, star parties, NASA centers, and other "astronomical" locations - a grand total of over 30,000 locations in all!

To define a particular field of view, tap its row. An equipment picker slides in, letting you choose the exact combination of equipment - telescope (or binoculars/finder) plus eyepiece (or camera) for that particular FOV.

Once the application is opened, it downloads its remote configuration by executing an HTTP request. After the configuration is downloaded, it registers the FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) listener to receive push messages. At first glance, it seems like well-made android software. However, it is hiding ad fraud features behind, armed with remote configuration and FCM techniques. 350c69d7ab


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