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10 Meetups About Mike Dillard List Grow Review You Should Attend

The NSF Scholarships in STEM (S-STEM) program is convening two listening sessions focused on the strengths, challenges and needs of low-income students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in STEM areas and how they can be better supported. Stakeholders from higher education, industry, government, non-profits and other sectors are invited to share their insights on topics including academic and co-curricular supports, food and housing insecurity, family responsibilities, and any other issues related to the realities of this critical student population. Read more about the S-STEM Listening Sessions, including guiding questions and who should attend.

10 Meetups About mike dillard list grow review You Should Attend


Educational Moment of Impact: Throughout my childhood, our next-door neighbor was a retired teacher named Sal Castro. He became both a mentor and a grandfather to me, constantly motivating me to be the first in my family to graduate from college. A huge fan of college football, Sal invited me to tailgate for nearly every USC game. Each time he travelled to an away game; he would bring back souvenirs from different universities for me. He wanted me to be excited about college. He also made me promise I wouldn't stop at a bachelor's degree and eventually apply to graduate school. Sal was a humble man who spent his time teaching me to be proud of my Latina roots while seldom talking about himself. Around 3rd grade, I learned who he really was from the HBO documentary, "Walkout" which told the story of his life. Our neighbor Sal was the education activist who led the historic East Los Angeles walkouts to protest the LAUSD's discrimination against Latinx students. When I asked him about this, he brushed it off his shoulder. By the time I was in middle school, a local school was being re-named after him. I did not find out because he told me. I found out because I found a flyer advertising the school's ceremony on our sidewalk. He brushed that off too but still allowed me to attend that celebration. Losing Sal to cancer in high school was earth-shattering. How could I apply to college without him? It was his impact that aided me through that process alone. It is because of Sal that I am now the first in my family with a college degree. It is because of Sal that I am entering graduate school in the fall. I am where I am today because of a retired teacher and humble social activist who saw my potential from a young age. I am so grateful to DUE for giving me the opportunity to further his legacy by working on the HSI program, something I know would've meant so much to Sal.


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