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Skirt Open In Front By Sims House At TSR

There are three variations of the main design, which is a solid black band made of what looks to be leather (though not as textured as the previous Grimoirh Choker) with an opening at the front and a hoop clasp.

Skirt open in front by Sims House at TSR

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GranLusso, GranSport, new colours and wheelsThe Ghibli GranLusso stands out for its enhanced exterior finish. This most elegant expression of the Ghibli uses exclusive materials and special features in the finest tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Externally, alongside the Adaptive Full LED Matrix headlights, the trim is distinguished for the chrome inserts on the front bumper, the GranLusso badge at the base of the front wing, the body-colour side skirts, the black brake calipers and the 19-inch Poseidone alloy wheels.

Externally, the GranSport features Adaptive Full LED Matrix headlights and is also recognisable for the Black Piano inserts on the front bumper, the GranSport badge on the front wing, body-colour side skirts, red brake calipers and, last but not least, the 20-inch machine-polished Urano alloy wheels.

The front doors house a 165 mm woofer and 100 mm Kevlar cone midrange speaker, while the rear doors each carry a 165 mm Kevlar woofer and 25 mm tweeter. The rear shelf has two 100 mm Kevlar midranges and a 315x200 mm subwoofer. 041b061a72


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