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Kayla Itsines Ebook Free Download Nutrition -- [2021]

Whether you're just starting your very first garden, or you've been gardening for years, you might as well incorporate what you grow into your daily meals Part vegetable gardening book and part healthy eating book, Garden to Table is a practical and accessible guide that will show you how to grow a lush home garden, as well as how to preserve, can, and cook easy, healthy recipes from the vegetables you've cultivated all year round No big gardening space or gardening experience needed Featuring expert guidance on the basics of vegetable gardening, as well as how to freeze, can, dehydrate, ferment, and dry many popular fruits and vegetables, Garden to Table also includes over 100 recipes that include vegan, vegetarian, heart-healthy, and keto/low-carb options, depending on your health goals From canning recipes to appetizers, main dishes, and big salads organized by season for year-round consumption, this complete guide has everything you need to know to cultivate, can, and serve fresh, healthy foods from home. Author Kayla Butts is a professional dietitian, cooking and nutrition instructor, small-scale Texas farmer, and a clinical nutrition manager with a Master's in Science in Nutrition.

Kayla Itsines Ebook Free Download Nutrition --

Are you ready to restore sanity to the workplace? Cy Wakeman wrote the book on it! As best-selling author of Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, and Restore Sanity to the Workplace, Wakeman offers the same enthusiasm and knowledge you find in her keynote addresses on her website. Her YouTube vlogs are among the most interesting in the industry with special guests, travel and the great takeaways that can only come from Wakeman. On top of that, her resources area contains one of the largest and most practical libraries of free tools available. She provides worksheets, exercises and even useful templates for business, all in ready to download and easy to use PDFs.


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