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What You Need to Know About Keyshot 3 Lic File and How to Use It Effectively

KeyShot imports all major 3D file formats and has plugins for many of the most common. Among those is the KeyShot for NX plugin, a premium plugin that allows LiveLinking capability between KeyShot and Siemens NX.

Keyshot 3 Lic File


The KeyShot for NX plugin is a premium plugin that requires a subscription license for use with your KeyShot Pro subscription. Once you purchase a license of KeyShot for NX, you may download it from or from the KeyShot plugin manual. The manual also provides additional detail on requirements, installation, and settings. Now, let's dive into how to activate the KeyShot for NX plugin.

You can learn more about the KeyShot for Siemens NX plugin and other KeyShot plugins in the KeyShot plugin manual. If you're interested in trying KeyShot Pro, just visit

Ok, so here's how it works. First, KeyShotXR needs to be enabled via an upgraded KeyShot license file (Contact here for info). After this, an addtional KeyShotXR button will appear in the toolbar. When a scene is loaded and the KeyShotXR button is pressed, a wizard guides you through the setup of the KeyShotXR, with on-screen, interactive feedback of the final KeyShotXR result. KeyShot will produce the individual images of the KeyShotXR content, the HTML code for integration into any website and the JavaScript to support progressive loading of images. Then just upload the content and you're ready to go.

We advise using RTX graphics cards (ideally RTX 3060 and above) with Keyshot in GPU mode, or an 8-core CPU as a minimum to run our interior files. 3080 and above recommended for smoother performance and reasonable render times.

This collection contains KeyShot 10 packages. You will need KeyShot version 10.0 and above to open the files and either KeyShot 10 Pro or Education to access most of the of the pre-configured features we have built in.

Both our product and interior files are mastered in GPU mode.You may see different results in lighting and materials when rendering in CPU mode. Although, the disparity between them has decreased since the launch of GPU mode in KS9.

I researched on the internet on the read only box, where indicated a blue box means it has to be ignored, i had personally tried to uncheck the box but failed as the setting will always be as per normal. Upon trying to remove all restictions to the file, i had have full access of the software to all users of the computer, where i am the admistrator - via the "properties > security", and also enabled sharing under - "properties > sharing". Futhermore i had disable password protection on the network via network and sharing centre. I had also reinstalled the program several times and also received alot of different licenses. However, everything still fails.

If your computer does not have internet access, an offline activation process is available. After loading your license file you will be given the opportunity to save an activation request file to your computer. Simple put it on a USB stick and visit from any computer that does have internet access. Following the instructions on that web page will create an activation file. Download the file and save it to your USB stick. The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge activation window will allow you to load that file from the USB stick and complete the activation.

From there, use KeyShot 10.0 or 10.1 to create your soda pop bottle labeldesign. To win, you must meet all the requirements defined below, follow the technical guidelines and submit the files formats specified below.

KeyShot Pro only: new Web Viewer, available via a separate KeyShotWeb subscriptionUsers with KeyShot Pro subscriptions and a separate subscription to the KeyShotWeb module also get the new Web Viewer, for publishing and sharing KeyShot files online.

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One of the most popular workflows for 3D artists and creators is going from Blender to KeyShot. If you're a Blender user, we're excited to finally bring you the KeyShot for Blender plugin. This plugin will help optimize your workflow by speeding up the process of bringing Blender files into KeyShot and updating the files you do bring into KeyShot.

To get started, download and install the Blender plugin by visiting or by visiting the KeyShot for Blender manual for download and installation information. Installers are available for both Windows and MacOS.

Using the KeyShot for Blender plugin not only allows LiveLinking and export of KeyShot files, but also supports exports for rigid and deformable animations as well as any models with meshes, curves, surfaces, and text. The plugin also allows you to import View Layers as Model Sets if needed for your workflow.

We think you'll like what this plugin adds to your workflow and can't wait to see how you use it. You can download the KeyShot for Blender plugin here and learn more in the KeyShot plugin manual. If you're interested in trying KeyShot Pro, just visit

Collaborating on a KeyShot project with a team or customers is fast and easy with the ability to save and share your scene as a single file that can only be opened in KeyShot. Saving your scene as a KeyShot Package (.ksp) allows you to include all custom materials, texture, and HDRI files in a tightly compressed file.

KeyShot imports all major 3D file formats and has plugins for many of the most common. Among those is the KeyShot for NX plugin, a premium plugin that allows LiveLinking capability between KeyShot and Siemens NX.

To get started, visit Next, add a KeyShot Pro Subscription to your cart. Available subscription add-on modules include KeyShotWeb (to create and share interactive 3D content), KeyShot Network Rendering (to utilize the power of your own computer network), and NX for KeyShot (that provides direct integration and LiveLinking with Siemens NX).

Download KeyShot Pro via the link in the email or by visiting Install KeyShot Pro, stepping through the installation prompts and entering the subscription activation code from the email.

And as expected, like our keypair, our license keys are also much larger. But they'resecure. And remember, most users copy-and-paste, so length doesn't really matter.(You could even wrap license keys in a license.dat file, which makes distributiona breeze. But that's just an implementation detail.)

I am currently working on an AR Project. The main files i am using are PVZ and C3DI because of creo view and creo illustrate.(Sorry if this question was asked already.)But I want to know do we have a way to convert them to FBX??i dont have problem using PVZ file from creo illustrate and creo view, but I need to save them as FBX file as I am also using the same drawings for AR but i use other software and pvz is not recognized.Do we have plug-ins for this?

KeyShot is capable to load PVZ file as a static model with structure but without animation. KeyShot (pro license) can export a FBX file with textures and the diffuse color. And AR formats can be baked with diffuse, specular, roughness and bump maps as glTF, glb and usdz files without animation.

Hi Marco,Thanks for the reply.What I am doing now is I save the files to u3d file then open them using 3rd party program then export to file i need.But this 3rd party program is expensive.Based on your reply seems like we dont have a way to do it with PTC and we need to purchase 3rd party program to export it in other files..Anyway, just wanna ask.. Regarding 3rd party softwares, what can you recommend to use? The one that is user friendly and cheaper in cost?

As a resellers consultant for PTC software and also a partner of Luxion (makers of KeyShot) I would recommend to use KeyShot. If it ist too expensive, you can use the freeware Blender to convert the U3D files into glb. If the Blender learning curve is OK for you.

Now that I want to arrange my functions across different modules, but I am not sure how to manage the handlers in such cases. Do I create a handlers list for each module (if required), or I need to store them all in one handlers list (let's say, in the main file)?

The first part selected must be a surface or solid. The second part must be a mesh which can be an imported object such as a STL, OBJ, or point cloud via the PLY file format. The result of the tool is provided as a report plus distant deviations represented by line entities between the two parts.

The SAT and SAB data translators provide a neutral file format for precisely sharing curve, surface, and solid modeling data. Third party app supporting SAT/SAB file formats include AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, and SolidEdge.


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