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Free Bayer Contour Next Usb Meter __LINK__

Checking this box signifies your confirmation to process your request for a free meter and confirms that you are a privately insured patient, not eligible to receive health benefits under a government healthcare program. If you provide information about you or your dependents diabetes, checking this box signifies you consent to our collection and processing of your health-related information to provide you with customer service tailored to your needs. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

free bayer contour next usb meter

If you have a query about how to use your CONTOURNEXT ONE meter or CONTOURDIABETES app, please search the list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that is not answered here, or anywhere else on our website, please feel free to contact us.

It is important that you register your CONTOUR meter to gain access to support materials and a range of additional benefits, including free record diaries, wall chargers (applicable to CONTOUR NEXT ONE, CONTOUR NEXT USB and CONTOUR NEXT LINK users), meter wallets and stickers. All meters from CONTOUR include a full 5 year warranty.

Bayer Contour test strips for use with Bayer Contour meter(s) only. Bayer Contour NEXT test strips are for use with Bayer Contour NEXT meter(s). Both are made by the same manufacturer, Bayer, but have slightly different features with Contour NEXT being the next generation of the regular Contour strips. They both work equally well when it comes to home glucose monitoring.

I kindly ask you to tell me if the Contou plus test strips work in the contour next meter. I Romania there are only Contour plus meters and strips and I have a Contour next meter brought from Germany by my daughter. Thank you.

Please tell me if the contour plus test strips work in the contour next meter. I mention that in Romania there are only contour plus meters and strips and I have a contour next meter brought from Germany by my daughter.

I had a prescription for the Contour. After filling that I had strips without testing fluid so I called Bayer. They immediately said we are sending you the Contour next free. Better strips they said. They do give you more time. And the readings I get match my A1c.

contour next link user here and pretty happy, for the reasons mentioned above.if you love your data and analyzing it, the contour next one might be an option for you if available, it has been advertized heavily here in Switzerland and seems to be the newest tech with uploading and even sending data to your cellphone app i believe.i was able to test that one in camp and didnt notice anything inconvenient, i was just happy with my contour next link and stuck with it. 076b4e4f54


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