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Lepide Ile File Server Audit

Our file auditing tool is a simple way of keeping track of all changes as they happen. The predefined audit reports contain details regarding all attempts of file or folder creation, deletion, copy, move, rename, and other modifications. We also detail the time, drive, folder, file name, process and event. You can track what has happened to a file or folder since its creation, see who has accessed or modified it, and ultimately who has deleted it.

Lepide Ile File Server Audit


Current Permission analysis of file servers shows the effective permissions applied on the Shared Folders. Our software compares the applied NTFS with the Share Permissions to analyze the currently effective permission on a selected file or folder. It also displays the scope of the applied permission by showing the folder level where permission inheritance gets broken and whether the effective permission is direct, indirect or inherited. Reports can be filtered, sorted, saved and investigated for all 13 possible permissions.

Our File Server auditing software analyzes Historical File Server permissions for Windows File System. You can view the list of all historical permissions for a selected file and folder. The administrator can also compare the permissions for the selected file or folder between two specified time intervals. You can save separate reports for both "Permission History" and "Compare Permission" in PDF, MHT or CSV formats on the disk. It also displays the scope of the permission changes.

Tracking File Server permission changes is important as these changes can lead to unauthorized access and ultimately data leakage. IT security in charge, therefore, must track permission changes to know who changed a permission when. You can easily do it by enabling object access auditing and configuring the particular files and folders for auditing of changes in permissions. After you have enabled permission change audit, you can view and investigate all permission changes in Event Viewer. In this article, the native way of tracking permission changes will be shown. An easy way of doing it by using Lepide File Server Auditor is also included.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a UBA-driven Active Directory, file server, Windows server, and workstation security and compliance solution.LepideAuditor provides complete visibility into the changes being made to your Active Directory,Group Policy, and file servers.

Benim bu makaledeki amacım sizlere dosya sunucularının izlenmesinin (Audit anlamında, yani denetleme olarak düşünebilirsiniz, bazen izleme deyince monitoring akıllara geliyor) ne kadar kolay bir şekilde gerçekleşeceğini göstermektir. Piyasada bu noktada pek çok ürün olmasına karşın ben bu makalemde Lepide ile sizlere bir file server nasıl izlenir konusunda bilgi vereceğim.

Karşıma gelen erkanda file server audit için LEPIDEFS adında bir rule oluşturuyorum. Bu ekranda hangi file server sunucusu için rule oluşturuyorsak onu seçiyoruz. Bizim ortamımızda bir tane file server sunucusu olduğu için default olarak ilerliyorum. Next butonuna tıklıyorum.


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