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Chicago Fire - Season 3 [BETTER]

Though many of the firefighters still grieve over the loss of one of their own in a brutal explosion, they are faced with new challenges: a determined arsonist, the complications of staff romance and tension inside the house with shocking results.

Chicago Fire - Season 3

In Chicago Fire season 3, episode 14, the members of Firehouse 51 were doing everything they could to keep warm as Chicago was in the grips of a sub-zero blast that threw the city into chaos with icy roads and communication problems.

How cold was it? Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) seemed to forget his Midwestern roots and became a weather wimp, while Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) wrapped a blanket around himself to get from the car to the firehouse.

Premiering in 2012, Dick Wolf's "Chicago Fire" introduced the world to the "One Chicago" universe of shows. It also set the bar for the franchise's penchant for balancing first responders' often hazardous work with their dramatic personal lives. "Chicago Fire" has plenty of scenes that show off brave firefighters dealing with many dangerous blasts and blazes. But the series also doesn't shy away from showing off romantic tensions and entanglements, sometimes right within the halls of Engine 51.

For Casey and Dawson, the end of their relationship (or is it a separation?) does not necessarily mean the end, but this episode did make it clear enough that if they want to really make things work, they will have to press forward and figure out how they are able to tackle some of their major issues that they have as a couple. One of the biggest ones for now is separating the line between lovers and co-workers, and not having anyone get hurt or caught in the crossfire. 041b061a72


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