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[S5E7] Who Will You Be

Tying in Trevor -- it was one of those things that proved essential to attempting to soften his edges again. However, I'm resigned to the fact that Trevor will perpetually rub people the wrong way and be the most intolerable character of the series right now.

[S5E7] Who Will You Be

Things ratchet up as Tryon learns the other brigade was ambushed by Murtagh and his men and had their munitions destroyed. But before they launch an assault, Reverend Caldwell comes from the Regulators with a plea to settle the matter without bloodshed, offering Tryon a list of demands from the rebels. Tryon won't assent, however, insisting he will demand nothing less than surrender since he can't let their blatant disregard for the law go unpunished.

Roger comes upon Murtagh in the night, urging his men to fight against tyranny and injustice. After this impassioned call to arms, Roger hits Murtagh with the truth, urging him and his men to disperse. The Regulators cannot win, but Murtagh also can't tell his men to cast aside what they've fought for. Roger insists soon there will be another battle where they can all fight on the same side, but Murtagh's not willing to wait that long.

Jamie is in shock, yelling out for help. His fellow Scots come, and they carry Murtagh to Claire's tent with Jamie promising Murtagh's lifeless body that "All will be well." He rushes in and begs Claire to save him, but she feels for a pulse and tells Jamie, crestfallen, that Murtagh is gone. Jamie is desperate, telling Murtagh's body that he does not release him from his oath. "You cannot leave me," he pleads. And sorry, but if you're not openly weeping at this point, do you even have a soul?

What'd you think Sassenachs? Was this your favorite episode of the season so far too? What do you think will be Roger's fate? Did the Murtagh and Jamie scenes just crush you? Sound off in the comments below.

Rip will lead the herd, and he picks Jake (Jake Ream,) Walker (Ryan Bingham,) Teeter (Jennifer Landon,) and Ryan (Ian Bohen) to join him. The cowboys are honored to be selected for the important trip, but the latter is clearly conflicted about leaving behind his new country singer girlfriend Abby (Lainey Wilson). Recognizing the crew will be off the grid and away from friends and family for awhile, Rip hands them two hundred bucks to enjoy a proper sendoff at the county fair.

Back in town, Jamie arrives at his office to find Sarah and Market Equities weasel Ellis Steele waiting for him. They inform him of Beth's deal to put the Dutton ranch in a conservation easement, and ask if he can legally overturn the initiative. The evil-doing trio decide the best solution is to impeach John who, by approving Beth's savvy, if selfish move, has invited a lawsuit that could bankrupt the state. Sarah says they will then fund Jamie's bid for governor and get "our land" back.

So we're left with the obvious conclusion next week. The plane will be fixed. They'll fly off right as the nuclear plant melts down, which it will do in the most unrealistic way possible. They'll fly back to the area they were before and probably crash land, but everyone will survive. Then the conflict with the other group at the mill will begin and we'll be left with some kind of cliffhanger to usher in Season 5B.

Because we know Mike's future, we understand this part of his past: he's chosen to do right for his granddaughter by doing wrong for Gus Fring. Compromise contains the word "promise," after all. He has no way of knowing how badly it will end.

Stars Hollow weirdness:The townies are largely absent from this episode. One curious piece of information is that Dean apparently has three jobs. He says this on Rory's voicemail: "One day, I'm going to have one job, not three, which will simplify everything." We know he works at Doose's Market, but what other jobs do we think he has? Maybe he counts bag boy, hotdog flipper, and nacho cheese stirrer as three separate jobs? His lack of ambition makes me extraordinarily sad.

Thoughts:To all the Logan fans out there, I'm sorry! Get ready for many harsh words leveled in his direction for the remainder of these recaps. I will try to be as impartial as possible, but it's difficult. Nothing upsets me more than seeing a trust fund wasted on a man-child with freshly frosted tips and a devil-may-care attitude. I understand that being raised by wealthy parents who don't give you the type of attention you crave would come with its own challenges; I just struggle to find that variety of person tolerable.

Remember when Rory and Jess get into the infamous ice cream car accident? Before the crash, Rory talks about how she's going to be the next Christiane Amanpour. While Jess says he believes she's capable, he also mentions that the job might be "a little too rough" for her, which is annoying coming from a dude but not without validity. In the same way, Logan questions Rory's umbrella jump hesitation. This situation is different because it requires her to trust that a bunch of drunk Rupert Murdoch Jr.'s are smart enough to orchestrate a dangerous stunt without incident, but I understand his position. Great journalists should be willing to occasionally take calculated risks. Rory's life is extraordinary comfortable, and I could hypothetically see her benefitting from a relationship with someone who encourages her to step outside of her comfort zone.

Yellowstone season 5 has continued the show's huge ratings success, continuing to break records. Plus, Paramount Plus is debuting Yellowstone prequel 1923 (as one of several new shows and movies this weekend), so more of the Dutton family saga will be revealed.

A new wrinkle five episodes into the season will challenge audience expectations and reveal new truths about our characters. Old relationships will be tested, new ones formed, and the emergence of a widespread Medicare fraud scheme ensures Chastain will never be the same.

Anyways, each kid had had to Face Their Demons and Fears and Seek Within Themselves and Learn To Let Go of Everything They Feared to Lose and WHATEVER, and eventually they all made it out with a crystal of their very own. Hooray! Obviously everything is OK now and they will all just head on back to the Temple for a snack and to warm up. Oh wait. No, of course not. Star Wars would never let anyone off this easily.

Concomitantly with the mid-season finale, Paramount+ (sign-up for Paramount+ here) will release the second Yellowstone prequel titled 1923, starring Harrison Ford. The story follows the Dutton family during Prohibition and the Great Depression.

Wonderful episode, very emotive without being mawkish or cormy.This entire final season has, so far, more than made up for the dissapointment that was Peaky Blinders final season. Without doubt a quality show that will be sorely missed.

Walt, with Jesse and Mike in tow, meets with Declan. Walt declares that they will not be selling their methylamine, and he instead offers Declan a 35% share of the profits from his blue meth in exchange for replacing Mike as his distribution network, more money than Declan could ever make from selling his own meth. Walt expects Declan to pay Mike $5 million in buyout money, but implies that Jesse will be remaining in the business. Declan refuses and asks "who the hell are you?" Walt says that Declan knows exactly who he is, and tells him to say his name. Declan claims ignorance, and Walt reveals himself as the man who killed Gus Fring. Declan looks to Mike, who confirms.

Declan pays Mike his $5 million, and Jesse approaches Walt to ask when he'll get his buyout money. Walt brushes him off and says they'll talk after Jesse helps him get everything ready for Declan's crew. Back at the Vamonos Pest office, Mike gives Walt two parting thoughts; Mike will pay the legacy costs to Gus' old crew in prison out of his own pocket, and he needs Walt to retrieve the bug he planted in Hank's office. Mike says goodbye to Jesse, and when Jesse insists to a skeptical Mike that he's out of the business too, Mike just tells him to look out for himself.

Walt and Jesse return to the Whites' car wash to retrieve the methylamine he'd hidden from Mike. Skyler is worried that someone dangerous will come looking for it, but to Jesse's discomfort, Walt brushes off her concerns and tells her to go back inside.

Jesse again tells Walt he just wants his buyout money so he can leave. Walt tells him that since it's "filthy blood money," Jesse shouldn't want it; Walt will "save" him from that. He again tells Jesse to stay. Jesse says that it's on Walt if he doesn't want to honor his deal with Jesse, and walks out as Walt yells after him that he gets nothing.

While out riding, the ranch hands spot a number of stillborn bison, suggesting there's a brucellosis outbreak in the animals on the range. This is an issue because if John's cattle catch it, the state will kill the animals.

The potential disease ravaging John's herd is causing more problems than just the cows, as it will affect the land too. He attempts to find new land for half his herd, somewhere with a mild winter. Rip will have to go with but will take Jake, Teeter, Ryan and Walker. The trip is likely to take them a year and could take them back down to the Four Sixes Ranch, the site of the upcoming spin-off series 6666, and where former Yellowstone ranch hand Jimmy is now living.

Leasing the land will cost the ranch $1.4 million a month, so John needs to take out a loan. Beth and John discuss the financial hole they're getting into, and Beth blames John for his failing financial model. Later Beth researches a different business model, looking at raising cattle to sell for beef. Beth encourages John to change tact for Yellowstone.

Back at the Capitol, Jamie arrives to meet Sarah with Ellis Steel from Market Equities. They're there to discuss John's decision to put the Yellowstone land in a conversation easement, and Jamie doesn't seem happy about it. As a result of this, Market Equities will sue the state, and Sarah believes it will be an impeachable event. This makes Jamie's eyes light up, and Sarah informs him M.E. will fund his campaign. This all comes after Jamie's assistant warned him about being with Sarah. 041b061a72


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