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Download Game The Sims 2 Pets For Pc Full Version

the game will allow you to have more than one pet. if you have a second puppy, it will have a size of small or medium, depending on the size of your first puppy, and it will follow your first puppy's lead. a second puppy can be purchased by spending pet points, but unlike the others, it will not have a life bar. instead, your two puppies will be invisible, and only one will be able to be interacted with at a time. the only reason i can see for this is to teach your second pet to work as a house pet.

Download Game The Sims 2 Pets For Pc Full Version

i think the only thing i like about the pet system in the sims 2 is the fact that you can create yourself into a crazy cat lady. if you think about it, almost every pet would be happy if they could be a house pet. the new career pets are like the chefs in the series, only they cook your pet a nice meal. the doggie skills can be trained to reduce drool, increase walk distance, and even to play a scratch-and-sniff game!

the pets are not like sims 2 npcs, they do not have a life bar and will die if they spend too much time away from your house. they do not get sick, but they do have personalities, and you can select which pet you would like to raise.

ea have definitely improved this game by adding a lot more content into the game and making it more fun to play. they have also made sure that the game plays very well on both the pc and the console versions. the sims 2 pets is now available for purchase on the retail platform and comes with all the same content as the other versions of the game. the only difference is that now there is a version available for the pc, where the game was remade to support the windows operating system, which is better suited to pcs.


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