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Super Milfs

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Super MILF (maiden name, MacKenzie) is a super heroine formerly known as "Ms. Venus". She claims her super powers come from her "Venusian Bosoms", when in reality they come from a Venusian biological reactor which implanted itself inside her chest.

The size of her breasts cause them to generate a great amount of heat to the point that nearby cones of ice cream will instantly melt in their vicinity. Whether this is a genuine superpower or simply a gag played by the author is unknown.

Super MILF was originally a flat-chested lab assistant; however, she was engulfed in the explosion of a powerful reactor from Venus, resulting in her breasts expanding, taking the name "Ms. Venus" and becoming a superheroine.

When Tiger, formerly the leader of the Midwestern superhero team, quit the team due to an event between Spinnerette and Dr. Universe, Ben Franklin enlisted Super MILF as a replacement. She met with Spinnerette and Mecha Maid and told them about her backstory. While Spinnerette was excited to have her on the team, Mecha Maid found her too "flashy" for her tastes, especially when she suggested that they wear more revealing outfits. 041b061a72


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