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[S7E15] The Inside Job EXCLUSIVE

Many years after the Eighth Doctor had regenerated on Karn, in circumstances "too scandalous to relate" to others, the Curator asked Ohila what had been in his regeneration potion that supposedly contained the Elixir of Life. He and Ohila were good friends by this point, and she told him she had actually given him dry ice and lemonade and went on to explain that the dark nature of the Doctor had always been inside of him and she just needed him to believe it had come from somewhere else while he was the War Doctor.

[S7E15] the inside job

Faced with a situation where the ship will run out of energy in a little over a week, Janeway decides to find the supplies that were stolen from Voyager. The ship that attacked them is tracked down, but is adrift, the crew dead, and almost all useful components stripped from the ship. The only useful item left is the casing around the warp core, which Torres beams over. Upon inspecting the casing, she and Seven of Nine find a stowaway hiding inside. His leg is injured, so he is transported to sickbay. He appears unable to talk, but The Doctor determines that his physiology is such that he is able to survive for long periods without oxygen.

As Jeffrey bleeds Dean, he says that he realized a lot about Dean when he was being tortured. He figures that it hurts Dean that people keep getting hurt and he can't do anything about it. Dean denies it but Jeffrey explains that he was depressed and suicidal, but Alan convinced him to focus on his goals and attitude. Jeffrey kills his dog to get the last ingredient: its heart. He pours Dean's blood on it and casts the ritual, and the building shakes. However, the demon appears inside of the boy's body instead.

They stop at the window of the trauma room where Lexie and Jackson take the drunk guys' beers away. Cristina is amazed and gets inside, while Meredith turns around to talk to Oliver, whom Teddy sent off for another X-ray. He knows they have to cover all their bases, but... Meredith knows what he wants to ask and says she put a rush on the X-rays, so it'll be quick. Suddenly, Richard yells her name.

After killing his third set of victims, Mills is visited by Preston, who had just been interrogated by the BAU about the killings. Preston gives him flowers for Pamela and then tells him to keep a low profile, much to his surprise. Becoming impatient, Mills instead drugs and abducts another minority, Ramon Gomez, and then stations himself near another family household. When the family goes to sleep, he cuts out the power and methodically executes every member. Mills goes back outside and opens the trunk of his car, where he has stuffed Gomez inside, but he is attacked by him, having recovered earlier due to his drug tolerance. Mills fights back, but ultimately, Gomez gets the upper hand and incapacitates him before escaping. Gomez flees to the police station, where Prentiss interrogates him and finds that the unsub lives near train tracks. Worried that there is now a witness to his crimes, Mills tries going to Preston, who just tells him to leave and never come back, as the BAU is beginning to suspect him of his involvement in the murders. After watching a speech made by Hilary Ross, Mills' fury increases and he devises an endgame, leaving a goodbye note for Pamela before going to Ross' house and cutting out the power. He then breaks into the house and finds her. Prentiss, Morgan, and JJ arrive, but Mills fires at them and hits Prentiss in the arm. He then holds Ross at gunpoint, and Morgan tells him of Preston's involvement in his family's attack. Unconvinced, Mills tries to shoot Morgan, only to be shot dead by him. Preston is later arrested by Rossi and Hotch.

Despite Will and Gavin's reassurance that this was for the best, Brenda angrily disagrees and fires Gavin for allowing this to happen. She storms out the office, leaving the three men baffled by her behavior. Raydor follows Brenda out and tells her that Peter Goldman is still in danger. While keeping her emotions restrained, Brenda wants him questioned about who his mole is inside the department and to be forcibly assigned protection if he refuses.

At the airport Ezra waits for his flight, he begins to walk away and sees "Spencer" with Wren Kingston. She sees him and greets him, telling him that the last time she saw Wren was before Charlotte died, he helped Charlotte sneak into Radley, so she's asking him not to tell anyone because she doesn't want Detective Furey to find out. At Alison's house, Emily arrives and Alison tells her that she has thought about keeping the baby, and is going to. Emily questions if she is sure and Alison denies this but if Emily helps her than things will be okay. Alison is visibly scared to have the baby but Emily shows her support. She thanks her and hugs her, Alison thanks Emily back for trusting her. Ezra arrives back at his apartment and Aria apologies for the way she said things, vocalizing that she is afraid about their relationship falling apart over taking care of Nicole. Ezra reveals to Aria that his flight was not cancelled, he just didn't get on it. In the background, Aria's phone rings but she doesn't hear it. Spencer gets out of the shower in the Hastings' barn and sees the wine bottle, the note inside from Mary reads "You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye." unknown to Mary that Furey was secretly following Spencer and wasn't there with her. At the end, A.D. is playing around with the technology they use to create an AI character that looks like Aria to FaceTime Aria. 041b061a72


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